Who We Are

5 Diamond Enterprises is Vancouver-based company specializing in the following luxury services:
  • Luxury Chauffeur Services
  • Bodyguard Services – our chauffeurs can double as a bodyguard or we can provide a driver
    AND bodyguard
  • Tours
  • VIP Concierge Services
  • Security Concierge Services
  • Security Guard & Mobile Security Services

Our Chauffeur Service is known for being the best in luxury service. High profile clients go with 5 Diamond because of our service, trust and reputation for anonymity.

Our Premium VIP Concierge Service will do almost anything to accommodate client requests, regardless of how big or small the request. Miles above the rest, Our Security Concierge Services are customized to the needs of each building. Specializing in Commercial and Residential Properties, our Diamond Security Agents are not only licenced security guards, but are trained concierge specialists. All of our Diamond Security Clients can utilize the benefits of our 5 Diamond VIP Concierge Services.

At 5 Diamond, we feel every client should be treated like a celebrity, and understand the importance of customizing services to suit the individual needs and wants of our clients. This is how the “5 Diamond Service Standard” came about, which is the #1 Value at 5 Diamond Enterprises.

5 Diamond Enterprises Values & Mission:

The 5 Diamond values sets us apart from others in the industry.

5 Diamond Service Standard

The 5 Diamond Service Standard guarantees nothing less than the absolute best in luxury service. From grandeur and elegance to a more casual experience, 5 Diamond will assess clients and customize the service(s) to complement their individual needs.


The 5 Diamond management values integrity and commit to doing what we say we will do, for our team members and our clients. We commit to honesty and consistent moral standards and ethical choices with all of our services and practices.


We guarantee anonymity and privacy for all of our clients.


The safety of our clients and team members is a top priority.


The 5 Diamond team members will be provided with the same care and respect within the organization that they are expected to share with every 5 Diamond Client.

Personal Development

We are passionate about personal development and support our team members in becoming the best people they can be. Through self-development training and goal coaching, we support all team members in creating a life that they love.

Life Balance

Diamond Security Management aims to support the individual needs of our team, and we encourage activities outside of work that create balance. We work with each team member to support his or her work life balance as we all have different priorities.

chauffeur helping woman out of car
Security Guard 2
Black limo at wedding

The 5 Diamond Mission:

“The Big 3”

Our mission is to provide unique options and the best services in town, and help to better the lives of our clients, team members, and communities. In order to accomplish this, each one of “The Big 3” must be equally important:

Client Mission

Our mission to our clients: To provide the “5 Diamond Service Standard” for every client, every time.

Team Member Mission

Our mission to our team members: To support you in your personal and professional goals
and help you create a life that you love through life balance and self-development.

Community Mission

Our mission to our community: To support our community through partnering with
various local charities and donating our time and services to those in need.