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If you’re looking to keep your residential area safe, mobile security patrol may be the best way to do that.  A lot of people opt for mobile patrol security services for their business and industrial units, but if you’re seeking a way to keep your residential area safe from thieves and vandals and generally improve the safety of the area, mobile security is a very effective form of security. Rather than a static security guard being present 24/7, mobile patrol involves a security officer patrolling the site at regular intervals and responding to any incidents, and generally making sure the area is safe to be in. To help you establish whether this is the right option for you, here are the benefits of mobile patrol for residential security to consider.

Keep your property safe

The most obvious benefit of mobile patrol for residential security is that you’re able to keep your property safe. If your area has recently experienced a number of burglaries or suspicious activity, or if the neighbourhood generally doesn’t feel very safe, mobile patrol security will help to make residents feel more at ease in their home and it will deter potential trespassers, thieves and vandals from operating in the area. A security presence will offer residents peace of mind that they’re safe in their home which is very important.

Security presence without a huge price tag 

One of the best things about mobile patrol services is that you’re able to have a security presence in your neighbourhood at a very affordable price. Compared to static 24/7 security, mobile patrol security is much cheaper as you’re only paying for the time that the guard is around the premises but you’re still getting an enhanced level of residential security. It’s harder for thieves to predict the mobile patrol unit’s activity as they aren’t stationed in one place at one time, so that element of unknown is often enough to deter people from trying to break into homes. Mobile units can easily patrol large properties as they’re often on foot or in a vehicle so they can make sure that the whole area is secure.

Flexibility with services

While static security guards often only offer security services, mobile patrol officers tend to be more flexible. They can be contracted to patrol the residential area whenever the client wishes, day or night, and can provide everything from emergency dispatch and on-call services, to security concierge and chauffeur services if they’re looking after a small number of people.

These are just a few of the benefits of mobile patrol for residential security. To learn more, get in touch with us today to learn about our mobile patrol services in Vancouver.

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