CCTV Camera over workplace entrance

As an employer or business owner, it’s important that you maintain a safe and enjoyable work environment as this inevitably keeps your staff happier and more productive. You’ve likely worked hard to get your company to where it is today, so it’s worthwhile investing in a few measures to keep your business environment free from intruders and any trouble. One great way to protect your workplace is by investing in security services in the form of mobile patrol, security concierge, or a security team to deter any trespassers during and outside of work hours. Here are a few expert tips for keeping the workplace safe and minimizing risk.

Set up CCTV

One of the simplest ways to increase safety in your workplace is to install CCTV cameras. Setting up CCTV is highly valuable as not only will you catch any trespassers or shifty people on camera, it’ll also act as a deterrent as criminals will be aware that they’re being watched. It’s also very important that your building is well lit especially at night time. Dark spaces create the perfect opportunity for thieves and criminals to strike, so make sure that you install adequate lighting and that your security cameras cover all sides of the building, including the parking lot.

Invest in a workplace security team

Another effective way of keeping the workplace safe is to invest in a security team. This will help to keep your business much more secure both inside and outside of business hours. Crimes will less likely be committed if there is a security team on site or on patrol as criminals have a higher chance of being caught. If you want a continuous security presence then static security may be good for you, but if you want periodic security checks throughout the day/night, then mobile patrol security may be more suitable as you still get a good level of security but at a lower price.

Install swipe card systems

If your workplace is busy it can be easy for people to slip in and out of the building. Enhance security by installing a swipe card system so that intruders can’t access things like confidential files and computers and can’t cause trouble to your employees. Swipe card systems will also help to keep track of who is in the building after hours and identify any security breaches if they occur.

Encourage people to report suspicious behaviour

As well as creating a security presence in the workplace with cameras and patrol officers, you should also encourage employees and people on-site to report any suspicious behaviour. This is why it’s important to have a security guard on or around the premises, as your employees have a point of contact to report anything that may be amiss, and your security officer can make sure that the building is kept safe.

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