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Mobile patrol security is a growing form of security and it’s something that all different industries can benefit from. Whereas with static security, in which the agent is usually placed in one place such as in the lobby or at a security station, with mobile patrol security the agent is on the move and can provide a range of security services, including concierge and other duties. Often, sites don’t need constant patrolling which is another reason why mobile security is great, as it’s a very cost effective option. To give more insight into today’s world of security, here’s an overview of the industries that need mobile patrol security to help you decide whether it’s right for you.


The construction industry benefits hugely from mobile security through all phases of construction. In the pre-construction phase, you may wish for a mobile security patrol to come and check on the property every day to ensure there are no squatters or dangers to the land. In the construction phase, we recommend hiring mobile security for evenings and weekends to prevent vandalism and stop people from entering the construction site as this can pose a huge danger to both the site and the trespasser. Construction sites often don’t need 24-hour constant security, but they do need a security presence which is why mobile patrol is perfect.

Real estate

Real estate is another industry that needs mobile patrol security. Condominium buildings and high-end residential areas often hire this type of security to help keep residents safe and prevent any trouble. Mobile patrol officers come around and patrol areas at random times and are usually in a vehicle or on foot, so that element of unpredictability helps to deter criminals from trying to enter buildings, parkades, and properties. It also offers peace of mind to the residents as they know that their safety is being looked after as the mobile patrol guard will investigate anything that may be suspicious or a danger.


A lot of shopping centres, strip malls and retail areas hire mobile patrol security as it’s a great way to make sure a large area is covered and that there’s a security guard on call whenever it’s needed. This helps to deter shoplifters and trouble makers as well as car thieves and other vandals. We recommend hiring mobile patrol security for both the day and night time to ensure that your site is kept safe. Having a security officer also helps if things like fires or incidents ever occur as they can be on site in no time.

Is your business in one of these industries that needs mobile patrol security? If so, get in touch with us today to talk about your security needs.

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