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Security and concierge services are two things that more and more businesses are investing in nowadays. Security guards help to keep your property safe, whether it’s a commercial space, a building site, or a condo building, and concierge services help to keep your residents satisfied by assisting with everything from booking taxis, to making reservations, to organizing dry cleaning, to accepting parcels.

The professionals who work in your building and handle security and concierge need to be trained in a range of areas, which is why combined services are becoming so sought after. Here are a few reasons to have combined security and concierge in your building and why it’s such an attractive option.

Cost effective

One of the biggest benefits of having combined security and concierge is the financial saving. Rather than hiring 2 people to handle your security and concierge services, you can hire just 1 individual instead who can perform the duties of both. You may want to hire 2 security concierge specialists to work in shifts, or to both work at the same time depending on the demands of your building, but by working with professionals who can offer combined services it’s much more cost effective. If you’re working on a tight budget you no longer have to decide between security and concierge – you can have both.

Peace of mind

When your condo residents are seeing the concierge or security guard every day, they will no doubt begin to strike up a relationship and be able to rely on them for their needs. Your residents will feel much more comfortable if they know that the security concierge can perform multiple duties, and they’ll have peace of mind that their concierge and security needs are taken care of.


Another reason to have combined security and concierge services is practicality. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might not always need security and concierge services at the same time. However, by working with an agent who is qualified in both areas, they can double up as both security and concierge when it’s needed which is especially useful when you’re looking for a personal enhanced security or security concierge for your condo building.

At 5 Diamond, our goal is to offer the best type of service for our clients, which is why combined security concierge is so valuable as it offers the best of both worlds at a very good price. To learn more about our security concierge services, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs.

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