Security Guard & Mobile Patrol Services

Diamond Security offers top notch security for all clients. Diamond Security Agents are confident men and women who are certified, insured, licensed, and professional, and our services are customized to the needs of each site.

Diamond Security management will work closely with each client to provide the best services for your property, as each site will have different needs depending on the location and stage of the property development (pre-construction, construction, post-construction).

Aside from deterring crime, we will also alert clients to any threat of fire, flood, damage or vandalism, and offer solutions to prevent such incidents.

Our Security Services Include:

Mobile Patrol:
Stationed Guards
Pre-Construction/Vacant Lots & Houses
• Vehicle Patrol
Interior & Exterior Inspections
Regular or Random Patrols
Construction Sites
• Bike Patrol
Residential Buildings
Commercial Buildings
• Foot Patrol
State of the Art Technology
GPS tracking of all Patrol Agents
Uniformed Security Agents
Plainclothes/Undercover Agents

Mobile Patrol Services

Mobile Patrol Services provide a cost-effective alternative if the constant presence of a stationed guard is not necessary for the site or property. We can effectively deter theft, arson, vandalism, and remove any unauthorized people who trespass on the property. With each patrol we will do a full site check and record any findings. Patrol Agents can do scheduled or random patrols and will notify clients of evidence of damage or criminal activity, and contact local law enforcement immediately when necessary.

Bike and Foot Patrol Services are perfect if you want to partner with surrounding buildings in your area. You will have a security agent patrolling all partnering sites continuously.

Diamond Security can service a building during all stages of development and operation, and adjust the services based on the stage of the building or property.

Other services available to each site include (but are not limited to):

Patrolling Common Areas
Supervise Move-ins and Move-outs
Control Access to the Building
Regulate Visitor Parking
Monitor Security Systems and Investigate and Report Suspicious Activity
Receive packages and Deliveries for Residents Who are Not Home
Respond to Fire and Emergency Alarms
Report Complaints to Building Management and offer possible Solutions to Complaints and Problems
Assist Residents with any Requests and Concierge Services
Concierge Security Services
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*To learn more about our Security Guard or Mobile Patrol Security Services, email us at: or call: 1-866-345-5551.