Parkades needing security

It’s hard to avoid parkades nowadays especially if you live downtown. The struggle for space means that parking lots for apartment buildings and malls are built underground. Although in theory parkades are safe spaces, they can also pose risks to the safety of you and your vehicle. For this reason, it’s important that you’re vigilant about the potential dangers and the measures you should take to stay safe in parkades.

Wait for the garage door to close. One of the risks with underground parkades is people sneaking in behind you. This is why it’s so important to wait for the door to close behind you when you’re entering and exiting the building, and to not let other people and vehicles follow you in.

Lock your vehicle. You’d be surprised at how many people forget to lock their vehicles or assume that parkades are completely safe. Make sure to lock your car even if you’re just running upstairs for a few moments, as thieves often wait for opportunities like this to strike. Avoid leaving valuables in your car and don’t leave anything on show just in case a trespasser makes it into the parkade. You should also try to leave your keys in the same part of your bag all the time, so that you know where they are if you ever need to quickly grab them and get into your vehicle.

Be vigilant. Whether you’re in a public parkade or a resident parking lot, be aware of the other vehicles and people around you. If you notice any suspicious activity, identify the nearest exits to you and try to leave the area as quickly as possible, and notify either the police or the resident security guard of the issue.

Hire enhanced security. If you’re often in more high-risk areas and you’re regularly in and out of your vehicle, you may want to consider hiring enhanced security to escort you around or a chauffeur to take you from A to B.

If you’re a building manager…then don’t take any chances. If you want your residents to stay safe in parkades it’s essential to have a security guard or mobile patrol on site or somewhere in the property who can regularly check the parking lot and provide assistance to the residents if they need it. Encourage residents to be vigilant if anything appears amiss to help increase the safety of the building.

It never hurts to be extra cautious especially when it comes to your personal safety. If you’re looking to make your Vancouver parkade more secure, get in touch with us today to talk about improving your security.