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More and more people are living in condos nowadays, especially because the cost of housing has increased so much. Aside from the fact that condos are less expensive than detached properties, condos offer a very desirable way of living as well as a higher level of safety. Whereas with single-family properties the front door is often right on the street, with condos, there are multiple layers to the building which can make things like burglaries and trespassing a little less common. However, condos can still fall victim to certain security risks, so here are a few tips to increase condo security and keep your condo building safe for its residents.

Hire security

The most obvious way to increase condo security is to hire a security guard to be present at the building at all times. You may opt for a mobile security guard, who patrols the area around the inside of the building throughout the night or at random intervals, or for a security concierge who can perform the services of a concierge but also has the skillset and qualifications of a security guard. A security presence is the most effective way to deter potential burglars and trespassers which will help to keep the building extra safe.

Install CCTV

If incidents ever do occur it’s always good to have proof and evidence, which is why video surveillance is so effective. Place the CCTV cameras in common areas such as the lobby, outside the entrance/exit, in the elevator, corridors, and in the parkade to keep everyone as safe as possible.

Use timers and lights

Another simple and cost effective way to increase condo security is to install lights and timers. If the area around the condo building is completely dark at night, trespassers and intruders can easily lurk around unnoticed, so make sure to install plenty of lights around the perimeter of the building to keep it illuminated. Install lights outside of townhouses, and advise residents who live on the ground floor or in townhouses to use light timers when they go away on vacation to make it look like someone is home.

Urge residents to be vigilant

As well as installing cameras, lights, and hiring a security guard, it’s equally as important to urge residents to be vigilant about condo security. Encourage people not to hold the front door open and allow strangers into the building, and make it easy for people to come forward to talk to security if they feel in danger or if anything is amiss.

If you’re looking to increase the security of your Vancouver condo, get in touch with us today to talk more about our security concierge services.

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