traveling with children

Christmas season is soon approaching, so no doubt you’re beginning to make plans for the holidays. However, travelling as a family can bring its challenges, especially if your kids are young or not accustomed to being on the move. If you’re going away with a new-born or travelling alone, the whole travel experience becomes much more difficult and can cause you a lot of stress and bother. But this shouldn’t be something you dread, and there are a few things you can do to make travelling this Christmas worry-free. Here are a few tips for travelling with children, and ways to lighten your load and simply enjoy the journey ahead!

Invest in good luggage

It’s so important to invest in good luggage when travelling with children. Make sure your luggage is easy to carry and transport, and look for suitcases with 4 wheels as they’re always much more convenient to push along. If your kids can carry their own luggage, children-friendly cases such as Trunki’s are excellent as they entertain your children while they’re waiting around, come in fun and vibrant colours, and also acts as a seat to save their tired legs. Good luggage will make travelling much easier especially if you’re carrying your child in your arms and dragging a suitcase at the same time.

Take distractions!

When travelling with children, you need to be prepared. Stock up your travel bag with snacks to keep their hunger at bay, and things like colouring books, reading books, and a tablet device that they can watch movies on or play games. If you’re going on a long haul flight or a road trip, this will keep your young ones occupied for hours and take the stress out of travelling. Remember to also make the movies/apps available offline before you board.

Book transport

One great way to make your journey less stressful is to book transport prior to your trip. Book a private car or chauffeur to take you from your home to the airport, as well as from the airport to your hotel or destination. Parking at airports can be a nightmare especially as the parking lots are often far away, and public transport can be delayed and it’s arduous lugging suitcases and children around. Most chauffeur companies have various car seats to fit the child based on their weight, size and age, which makes one less thing to worry about brining along. Hiring a chauffeur driven vehicle is a great way to keep travelling with children stress free, and you’ll have a driver waiting for you to help you with your bags and transport you where you need to go.

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