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Security is one of the most important components for many businesses, especially for those in the hospitality, construction and real estate industries. Nowadays, a security officer presence is expected in places other than nightclubs and music events, and people are seeking higher standards of safety in their condo buildings, hotels, hospitals, and shopping centres.

The security officer industry is changing, and it’s very exciting as it has made way for new forms of security alongside static guards, such as security concierge and mobile patrol.

While we usually share tips and tricks on our blog, in today’s post we want to talk more about what makes us unique from other security concierge companies out there, and the values that we try to stick by when we serve our clients!

We place a big emphasis on customer service

One thing that we’re very proud of us our emphasis on customer service as well as a high level of security. Nowadays, security patrol officers are present in condo buildings, offices, and sometimes even hospitals, so it’s important that the guard on duty is approachable, friendly, and that they can serve their clients’ needs in the best way. If you have a bodyguard, your security officer is with you all the time so you want to be able to build a good relationship, and equally with your condo security or concierge, you want to get to know them so you can trust them in times of need.

We offer a combined security and concierge service

Along with our belief that customer service should play a big part in security, we also think that our security officers should offer more than just protection. This is why we have developed a combined security and concierge service, so essentially your guard can fulfil 2 roles in one and as the client you get great value for money and an individual who can perform many duties.

Our client’s needs are the priority

Our clients are our priority and we will work as hard as we can to cater to their every need. Our security officer staff are all highly trained so they’re equipped to handle unexpected incidents and they know what to do to minimize any disruptions, and most important, keep the customers safe.

Alongside the qualities that make us unique, we also want to add that our security professionals are all fully trained so that they deliver the highest service possible. To chat about our security concierge services in Vancouver, or anything else, get in touch with us today to talk!

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